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Peach Pink Saree In Banarsi Chanderi & Pure Handloom Cotton
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Multicolor Stripe Printed Saree In Chanderi Cotton With Gotta Patti Work On The Borders
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Beige Saree In Banarsi Chanderi And Pure Handloom Cotton
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Daffodils Yellow Saree In Pure Handloom Cotton With Banarasi Chanderi Weave
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Rouge Pink Saree In Pure Handloom Cotton And Banarasi Chanderi
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Pastel Pink, Green And Yellow Saree In Cotton With Lehariya Printed Chevron Design
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Powder Green Saree In Pure Handloom Cotton With Banarasi Chanderi Weave
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Fiery Red Saree In Cotton With Bandhani All Over And Woven Zari Checks
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Pista Green Saree In Banarsi Chanderi And Pure Handloom Cotton
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Sarees are the most desirable attire in the Indian ethnic collection of garments from hundreds of years and, its significance is still exceptional.

In the realm of designer sarees, cotton is maybe the most valued. The ethnic drapes in this collection are so rich as the textile is cotton. Loved by all our customers for its exquisite and classic looks.

Types Of Cotton Sarees

Cotton saree lovers know about the unmatched charm and timelessness that it holds. A cotton saree is just not comfortable but fashionable as well. Indian women have grown up watching their mothers and grandmothers clad in classy cotton sarees. Cotton sarees are infact an essential part of Indian culture and history and they come in a variety of local and designer styles.

  • Sambalpuri Cotton Saree

    Produced in Sambalpur, Odisha, these cotton sarees are known as one of the best handwoven sarees. Sambalpuri cotton sarees use double ikkat weaving and are preferred for daily or casual occasions.
  • Kanjeevaram Cotton Saree

    Kanjeevaram cotton saree is not just a fashion garment down South but a luxurious piece of art and affection associated with the southern states of India. Natural colour cotton blended with silk and reflecting floral, berry or leaf motifs are what best describes a kanjeevaram cotton saree. The sarees are unique, breathable, and wrinkle-free.
  • Khadi Cotton Saree

    Khadi cotton saree can be one of the most natural, comfortable, and skin-friendly ways of draping yourself in class. It comes in a wide range of designs, shades, and styles. Handwoven but light, the hand-spinning is India’s answer to exclusivity, class, and grandeur.
  • Chanderi Cotton Saree

    Chanderi cotton saree translates well into festive wear. The versatile chanderi blend can easily break the staid image of a cotton saree and turn you into a diva.
  • Dhakai Cotton Saree

    Characterized by intricately designed motifs on almost transparent and ultra-fine fabric, dhakai cotton saree is one of the most popular sarees from the state of Bengal. With its roots in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, the dhakai weave is time-consuming and a very skilful process.
  • Chikankari Cotton Saree

    Chikankari, the famous work of Lucknow makes the cotton sarees glisten. The subtle shine of chikankari makes any cotton saree a distinctive ethnic wear especially for parties and traditional occasions.
  • Gadwal Cotton Saree

    With gorgeous gold and silver zari, the ‘plain Jane’-cotton sarees become more festive, appealing, and desirable among woven. If you are looking for a traditionally festive saree, then a Gadwal cotton saree can be your best bet.
  • Pochampally Cotton Saree

    The intricate design and colouring of Pochampally, the ikkat art work from Telangana makes for a perfect summer saree. Pochampally cotton sarees are also apt for office, casual and daily wear.
  • Kota Doria Cotton Saree

    Unique square checked pattern or plaids on a simple cotton saree gives a colour-block effect. Due to fusion of cotton and a bit of silk yarn, the saree appears sheer and offers unparalleled strength and appeal to the saree.

How To Maintain Cotton Sarees?

Here is how you can increase the strength and life of your beloved cotton sarees. As much as they are easy to carry, the maintenance is tedious and quite the opposite.

  • Washing

    Wash cotton sarees separately as they are bound to leave colour for the first few washes. Use mild detergents on the delicate cotton handlooms.
  • Drying

    Drying directly under the scorching sun can fade away the colour of a cotton saree. Hang it straight for natural stiffness and try to avoid folds while hanging.
  • Maintenance

    They are delicate and soft and easily get creases. To keep them fresh, new and to increase longevity, one must handle the handloom with proper care including washing, ironing, drying, and storing. One can use the home-made liquid starch to maintain that crisp and edgy look of cotton sarees.
  • Storing

    Storing a cotton saree in an improper way can hamper the weaves of your rich and pure cotton saree. Try to store the sarees neatly in saree pouches.
  • How To Wear A Cotton Saree Perfectly?

    It is important to wear a classy crisp cotton saree perfectly. Follow these easy steps to drape it like a pro.

    • Step 1

      Tuck in the saree inside the petticoat and start wrapping it around with the first round until your navel. Take the other end of the saree and fold it into pleats and put over the left shoulder. Broad or a large number of pleats, the choice is completely yours.
    • Step 2

      Adjust the pallu or pleats as per desired length. Take the loose end (left fabric from the navel) and tuck it diagonally near the end where you finished the first round of wrapping.
    • Step 3

      Pleat the remaining fabric and after making pleats tuck inside the petticoat near the navel point and now your pleats are fixed and won’t open up.
    • Step 4

      Now take the shoulder pallu and you can leave it pleated or open as per your comfort and choice. Use the safety pins to fix the pallu- whether pleated or open. Usually, women fix up awkward gatherings for the comfort factor.


    A cotton Indian saree defines all the curves gracefully. It can spring from day to day wear to extravagant events.

    • Effortless and breathable
    • It is super light in weight
    • Easy to maintenance
    • No itching or discomfort
    • The fabric and the drape is a versatile piece of clothing.
    • Gives a sleek look to the wearer
    • Best for all the seasons

    The collection of designer cotton sarees with a blend of satin makes it look more luxurious. An array of colours and prints like bandhani, patola and batik made available for our customers pondering which one to buy. Finely adorned in 3D floral work makes the refinement of the cotton saree more treasured.

    Finest pieces with many choices that you will never fall short on at Kalki Fashion so that you can get the best shopping experience Flaunt the cotton saree with poise and get lots of compliments.

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There are many factors that bump up the cost of cotton sarees. Exquisite, rich fabric, vintage appeal, the art involved, and aesthetics are considered to fix up the price of any cotton saree.

The cotton sarees are light, cool, summer-friendly and a very classy option for regular, casual and office wear. The breathable fabric and cool prints make it a viable option for many.

Tant, Sambalpuri, jamdani, chanderi and ikkat are considered best in quality for Indian events and occasions. These varieties offer the best weaves to enhance the personality of a woman.

Ikkat and khadi sarees are evergreen and the best options to add to the cart. These are trending for its staid look, class, and royal appeal.

Soak in cold water, use a mild detergent, use a DIY liquid starch, iron at a low setting, and wrap in muslin cloth to keep your cotton sarees in mint condition.

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